Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do you speak Architect?

Every discipline has their own language – a distinctive colloquial vocabulary that binds their respective communities together. And, like learning any new language, you first discover its nuances, its definitions, its usage. And, after some practice, the day comes where you understand it, can use it…and, suddenly, you feel like a true insider, inducted as a full-fledged member into a that special and secret club that had so elusively held you outside their hallowed walls.

Architecture, or rather, Architects, are famous for their rather, let’s say, inventive language. Jargon, in other words. And, it sometimes seems, for some, that the more the better. Layer it on, like gobs of whip cream on a big old sundae, and you’ll find some architects writhing in orgiastic ecstasy from their masturbatory oratories. Others, however, will argue that the jargon is nothing more than smoke and mirrors hiding the very fact that their ideas have no real substance. But those who say that are just angry that they haven’t learned the language yet.

Either way, you’ll find it around, in writings, in lectures, in everyday conversations. And, being a bit of a novice to architecture jargon, I thought I’d take the chance to practice. Cause, if I don’t learn now, how else will I be able to navigate my way into the world architectural stardom? So, here we go…

An Introduction to My Master’s Thesis
[Something Witty, perhaps involving a Pun]

Given the temporality of spatial experience, we must consider the potentiality of each moment, and in consequence, their inter-relational context. What happens when the mind, in its failure to completely assimilate the bombardment of image, text, sound and movement, devises, in its construction of the moment, a non-real representation of the real? Could we consider this resulting slippage in the sign, now that the signified moment has passed, nothing more that the actualization of a virtual world – a world based in the real, but is not, given the fallacies embedded within its finalized state?

The compounding consequences of this virtual reality, this personalized narrative space, is in its resulting influence on future spatial experience. What is captured, codified, hardwired into our perception of architectural environments through our past experiences defines our expectations of how we might interact with new spatial constructs. And what is deleted, cast off as unnecessary, in the process of concretizing our experiences into our memory, will find, upon re-introduction, a sense of novelty. Therefore, an opportunity arises, in the re-representation of the not-new but new, to design an experience with greater significance for that which has been so brutishly wipe away, thus becoming codified into memory as part of the architectural vocabulary in which is references…

That…well, that was hard work, that. I think I need to go lie down and rest my head. It hurts from use of so many nominalizations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like it mate. Find myself thinking a lot about jargon these days and tonight I have to write a 'Personal Statement on Architecture' for my Part 2 reflective report/portfolio. The perfect way to waste a Bank Holiday. Anyway, my view (since Im bored) is that jargon adds to architectures exclusive nature. If we want to think of ourself as way above the bloke who makes your paper dream a physical thing by pouring that concrete, be my can maybe tell him that his spacial technology was different from yours as a child. Or you could just describe your ideas to the rest of the world as you would in your drawings, piece by obvious piece so that we might all understand what is going on and then all appreciate the nature of the idea. And on a side note, charge less for the architecture books written by those 2 year olds who make up words and neglect to say anything at all.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous roadkill said...

well i guess that says everything... if you don't have anything interesting to say... bullshit!
Jargon is a phallic extension to the architect /student brain... a verbal diarrhea aimed and consumed by egocentric maniacs with high aspirations but low archivers.

8:14 AM  

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