Friday, April 07, 2006

Writing towards a new revolution

I've been writing my thoughts for a long time - first in private journals, and then, about five years ago, online, on another blog. It was a scary proposition, this idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with random strangers who might happen by. But, it was freeing as well, to think that I could set my words out there for people to read. And so, here I am, today, letting whoever might stop by access my own little thoughts about this crazy, humbling, frustrating, inspiring world that I live in.

If anything, I hope that, by putting my thoughts out there, I participate in an interchange of ideas about what the profession is, can be, should be. To that end, I encouage anyone to stop by the ArchVoices essay competition website. I've participated for the last three years, and I think it has provided our community a wonderful forum to interact, communicate, debate. If nothing else, it makes you feel like you're not alone.

So head on over and check out this year's essay submissions...and guess which one mine is.


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