Monday, May 25, 2009

Detours, Visually Explained

Quiet. Yes. Any reason, in particular? Well...we are still working on this little thing:

Progress has been steady, but as always, you have one step forward, a couple steps back. Things are added, things are delayed, and what you thought would take a couple months takes a couple months more... (We are closing in on the finish, but my photos are a bit behind.)

I've been with my contractors day in and day out. They still haven't told me to get lost, so I guess I've proven myself to be useful. Or, at least not a liability. And, had I not gotten along so well with them, then I wouldn't have had the chance to participate in this:

A side project for my grandpa. A surprise, really, which needed their immediate attention. I learned I suck at a 60lb jackhammer, but can shovel chunks of concrete like no one's business. Hey, at least I'm learning new things....

I'll hopefully find inspiration soon...something that gets a good rise from me, or at least a funny story to share with you all. For now, however, I'll just leave you with this: