Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A bit of good news....I think...

Remember when I wrote about this?

Well, the craziest thing happened. No, didn't win. Wouldn't ever hope for that, given my track record over there. But, somehow, I was chosen as a Reader's Choice Winner...something I didn't realize until I recieved an email from the competition committee.

As a prize, I get three more books to add to my library. Not that I have a library. Or, well, I have a place to call a library. I have books scattered across two continents and several states. One day, day, I promise you, those books will find themselves shelved appropriately. Here's to dreams.

And, if any of you out there actually did vote for me, a big old thanks. Here's to more procrastination in the future. Cause, really, that's why I write in the first place.


Blogger Norman Blogster said...

On procrastination:
Good and Bad Procrastination

3:59 AM  

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