Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You know you've been....

You know you've been staring too long at your computer screen when:

1) You see patterns in the pixels of your screen.

2) You can distinguish between the imaginary point you want and the imaginary point you don't want.

3) You find comfort getting the right snap icon to appear.

4) You don't mind that the world around you also appears pixelated.

As you can tell, it's crunch time. And after the unfortuitous moment, when I realized the work I just spent the last two hours on was not correct, and that, when animating, 3D studio max really dislikes undoing certain steps, or have positions changed after animation keys are set, I find myself with the unenviable task of starting over. (And, yes, that was a long sentence, with several...damn, what are they called...modifying phrases...no...crap...I use to know....)At least the program didn't crash. Wait...where's some damn wood to knock on. I forgot the other cardinal rule of doing computer work:

Never, ever, for a single moment, tell yourself that your computer won't crash.

Back to work...


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