Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bit of Insight...

image from The Times Online

Take a look at this article. Not only does it capture a lot of my own current hesitations about this profession, it provides great insight into a place I spent one mind-blowing, madly-frustrating year. And I didn't have to do the interviews....


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“The profession does not work. It’s economically non viable. Our work is pure iteration. Far too time consuming, and as a result, it’s impossible to charge anyone for the work we have actually done. It would never be accepted” [David Weir]
This is the sad truth, regardless of which architectural school one may attend and graduate from... The Bartlett – and many other schools of architecture - definitely can broaden one’s horizons, but at the end of the day, the architectural profession dampens most of the creative inner force that all “fresh” architects have... I guess that what makes one a good architect is the amount of faith that one is able to “preserve” as the years of practice go by, as well as how motivated & inventive an architect can remain when in “dire straits”... Me personally, I get my inspiration from the elder “work horses”: the architects that have survived, and which are still productive after all these years of practice and unfavourable conditions...that is why I am going to the Rafael Moneo lecture at the AA tomorrow: to try and get some good archi-vibes ;-)... Please join me if you can/wish!

Spyros Kaprinis _ 26 Nov. 2009

10:57 PM  

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