Monday, August 07, 2006

Off to Print I go...

The joy and heart-break of digital work...going to the printer. You've settled down, decided your happy with the image in front of you, are ready to call it quits. And so, off you go, in search of a place to transform those pixels into something to hold. It's a great feeling, standing at the printer, having them download your files. You're excited, anticipating the outcome, the accomplishment of holding an actual product from your hours of squinting at a screen. And then you get the bill...and you think, maybe I should have modelled.

I've gone to a couple of places, and am praying for good returns. If not, at least I have some time to go somewhere else. That's the other thing you'll definitely learn when you are an architecture student...where to go for what, at what price, and in what amount of time. Because, in the end, the thing about working digital is this: You're as good as who makes it real.


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