Monday, December 07, 2009

Nothing lasts forever....

You know it going in. That what you do, what you design, won't always be there. That, some fateful day, it will be replaced - perhaps because it is outdated, out of use, worn out, broken.

We finished this renovation at the end of September. We put it on the market, and within two weeks, had an offer. We closed within one month. Not bad, the way things are going nowadays.

You think that, given the speed of the sale, that the house was everything the buyers were looking for. That they'd happily settle in, set up some furniture, and enjoy it. Well, apparently not.

Today, as I happened to drive by, I noticed a truck outside. A granite truck. And, well, this in the driveway:

Boys and girls, my contractor and I spent probably 3 days piecing this together, trying to make a corner counter that looked nicely seamed together. We had two join two pieces to get the width for the sink area, and then join the adjacent sides to get the L shape we needed. We shimmed and sanded to get the top face smooth. And then we had to install that bitch.

Well, sadly, that's the life ahead for anyone in the business...I just didn't think it would be so fast.

Here was the counter installed:

Let's just say, I thought it was pretty good.


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